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Welcome to Sailing Contrary's Blog

When you are involved in so many things, each very similar but yet so different, it can be difficult to find a unifying quality between them all. This has been my challenge ever since starting the boat's instagram and my Architectural Thesis, the Chesapeake Project, that I will talk more about later. In the near future, the goal for Sailing Contrary is to become a hub of sustainable boat refits. Not necessarily meaning that every boat is currently green — Genny Contrary certainly is not yet — rather a hub of boats and people actively making their footprint lighter on our earth.

This website is going to contain A LOT of information ranging from personal updates about living aboard an old sailboat, refit and equipment infomation, and other oddly related bits. For instance, there will be articles dedicated to our Refleks heater as we get a few people a month asking us about this beloved piece of engineering.

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